Smoke & Glass

Steampunk Fantasy Tabletop

Smoke & Glass is a game about heists and crime in a smoke-choked city named Kroy.

In Kroy, magicians are hunted for their blood and thieves play tag with lawmen over the rooftops. The streets are patrolled by priestesses of the Dark Mother--women who curate life and death and can legally commit murder.

A community of criminals live in the winding alley-caves burried beneath the streets. Everything is overseen by powerful businessmen who struggle with each other to control the city from inside the claw-like skyscratchers in the Towers district.

Smoke & Glass is built in the Fate Core system. The game features a unique class system, custom stunts, and new rules for magic to enhance and expand on the already powerful Fate Core mechanics.

The game is already written, and is in the process of being published.

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